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About Me

About me

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I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and attended college at the University of Delaware before settling in New York City.  I was very active from a young age.  Growing up, some of my favorite sports and activities were gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, snowboarding and water skiing. 

My love of Fitness began at age 12 when I attended the Olympia with my “fitness show team.”   We were given the opportunity to perform at the event in New York City in 1997.   Following the Olympia performance we were invited to perform at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio 2 years in a row.  After being surrounded by some of the fittest competitors in the industry and performing on some of the worlds greatest fitness stages, I knew I had found my calling!  Though I was a little young at the time to begin competing, I knew Fitness was in my future. 

Around the same time I began cheerleading competitively and continued to cheer through high school, college and now professionally with the NBA.  I started competing in Fitness in May 2010, where I won my first competition, the "Fitness America Kumite Classic" in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  I went on place in the top 10 at the Fitness Universe pageant in June of 2011.  

Currently I am working as a personal trainer in New York City and I love working one-on-one with people to help encourage a fit and active lifestyle!

For more info on me, check out my blog! www.average2athlete.com